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[SkyPrime] Update


Staff member

As many of you know; the new, improved and highly anticipated SkyPrime release will be arriving soon!

What will be changing?

  • Server Forums: By now you have probably realised our fresh new website theme :) which is packed with new features 🧐
  • Server Specs: We now have not one but two high-spec dedicated servers to run our server off both servers are currently located in Europe but we plan to add additional servers in different locations for our players outside Europe.
  • IS Top Rewards: The IS Top reward will be increased (more details will be revealed soon!)
  • Ingame Items/Unlocks/Playtime/MCMMO/Islands & Ingame Economy: We have decided that a fresh start would be the best for everyone as the old SkyPrime had lots of glitches and exploits which some very clever individuals exploited, Talking about exploits and bugs if you do ever happen to find a bug anywhere on the website or in-game please submit a bug report here.
  • Server rules
  • Islands: Our build team is working away at creating 3 new Skyblock Islands 👷‍♂️ 👷‍♀️ which will join the existing island options.
  • Envoy & Fishing Rewards: We are changing our Envoy & Fishing rewards to make them more balanced.
  • Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy
  • Contact email: If you ever need to contact us by email our new contact email address is No staff will ever ask you for your passwords or login details to anything If they do please dm me @Eire directly here on the forums.
What will not be changing?
  • Ranks/Cosmetics/Kits/Perks: If you have previously purchased anything from our server donation store you will keep them.
  • Server Map: Our server map will not be changing until June/July due to the amount of time it takes to create a new one but our build team will be working on it over the next few months.
  • Server IP: The server Ip address will remain as
  • Additional server IP-Addresses: & These IP-Addresses are live but all direct to the same IP-Adress when we add our American server the IP will direct to the US Proxy.

When will the server be released?

We are currently aiming to release the server by the end of January but the release will most likely be before the end of January.🤞🤞


Today we want to share the appreciation for those of you who have stuck around and supported the server. That being said, to all of you that click the link below to our Twitter, follow, comment and retweet our latest tweet -- we will be giving away THREE gift cards to the SkyPrime shop! ONE $20 and ONE $40 and ONE $60 SkyPrime gift cards to members at random! THREE lucky winners will be selected from the comments section associated with the Tweet below and sent over a gift card to celebrate!

SkyPrime MC On Twitter

A winner will be chosen in a weeks time so that all members of the community have a chance to enter!