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SkyPrime MC

[SkyPrime] Update

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As many of you know; the new, improved and highly anticipated SkyPrime release will be arriving soon!

What will be changing?

  • Server Forums: By now you have probably realised our fresh new website theme :) which is packed with new features 🧐
  • Server Specs: We now have not one but two high-spec dedicated servers to run our server off both servers are currently located in Europe but we plan to add additional servers in different locations for our players outside Europe.
  • IS Top Rewards: The IS Top reward will be increased (more details will be revealed soon!)
  • Ingame Items/Unlocks/Playtime/MCMMO/Islands & Ingame Economy: We have decided that a fresh start would be the best for everyone as the old SkyPrime had lots of glitches and exploits which some very clever individuals exploited, Talking about exploits and bugs if you do ever happen to find a bug anywhere on the website or in-game please...